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Volunteers and Field Trip Drivers

Visitors Check In
Everyone should check in at the office

Please sign in at the office and get a “volunteer” badge each time you volunteer or visit the campus. Volunteers will need to have completed the required paperwork and be current before volunteering.  As a visitor you will sometimes come in contact with confidential matters and are expected to respect the rights of both students and school personnel in holding these matters strictly confidential.  Everyone on campus MUST have a name badge on and have checked into the school front office.  If you have any questions please come to the office for clarification.

Schools are reflections of their communities. You are important to the outstanding success of our program! We welcome the assistance of all parents and other school-community members. Volunteer opportunities exist in a variety of forms such as classroom assistance, library help, clerical support, Life Lab assistance, campus improvements, and PTA projects and activities. In addition volunteerism occurs through membership on school and district committees. The PTA helps coordinate volunteers through the use of the volunteer sign-up sheet sent home on the first day of school. Your time and support are investments in your child’s future.  To volunteer, please contact Maria Gauthier: mgauthier@scottsvalleyusd.or



These are the forms you will need to have on file IF you are planning on driving during any field trips.  They must be turned in at least 1 week BEFORE the field trip scheduled.


1.  Medical form (online or in the office)

2.  Driver Registration Form (online or in the office)

3.  Copy of DL

4.  Car Registration

5.  Declarations page of insurance showing coverage

6.  Volunteer Packet (online or in the office)

  • This includes the fingerprinting information


PLEASE note that nothing can be expired.

The office will not accept the forms unless they are complete.  If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask Maria Gauthier in the office or call 831-438-1090


Tosuper parents volunteer or drive on field trips at Vine Hill Elementary you will need to complete the

 SVUSD NEW Volunteer Registration Packet




Returning Volunteers - Here is what you do!

To remain compliant for the 2019/2020 school year the following training and forms will need to be completed prior to you being able to volunteer or drive on field trips this school year.  Return


  1. SVUSD RETURNING Volunteer Registration Agreement Form 
  2. SVUSD RETURNING Volunteer Checklist
  3. SVUSD Online Mandated Reporter 
  4. SVUSD RETURNING Volunteer Acknowledgment Form

If you have any questions please contact our school office.