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Parent Input Form



Vine Hill Elementary School

Parent Input Form for 2019-2020


All forms MUST be turned in to the school office by Thursday, June 6th  


Vine Hill appreciates parent involvement in their child’s class placement.  The district wide class placement policy states that parents have the right to give input as one of the determining factors that is taken into account when placing a students into the next grade.


It is important that you understand that you may not request a particular teacher.  There are many reasons that teacher requests are not appropriate, the most important being that our primary goal is to balance classrooms to create the best possible learning environment for all children.  


As you can imagine, there are a myriad of considerations when forming classes, including staffing changes at some grade levels for next year. Please know we do the best we can to assure all children are in safe, capable hands.  Your input helps remind us of situations or enlighten us about things we may not be aware of. We consider this information as we place students in classrooms.


Please give input regarding your child’s strengths, weaknesses and /or special needs on this form.  In order for any input to be considered, it must be submitted no later than Thursday, June 6th - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Please do not consider an email to the teacher or me to be sufficient input.  You MUST use this form.


Thank you for your involvement.


Tracey Neilsen, Principal


Date:________________________  Student Name: ________________________________


Current Teacher and Grade level _______________________________________________


Name of Parent/Guardian _____________________________________________________