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NEWS from Mrs. Bretzing


Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

It's Homework TIME...

Homework folder sent home on Friday, and due back the following Thursday.Homework

  • Weekly Spelling List
  • Geography
  • Math Worksheet
  • Reading Log
The 2nd Grade "Schedule"


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What is happening Inside?
  • Love to talk, even exaggerate 

  • Work hard to please teachers, parents, and other adults

  • More independent, but still relies heavily on the teacher 

  • More emphasis on fairness 

  • Likes structure; dislikes changes in school routines

  • Establishing friendships becomes very important

  • Begin to reason logically and organize thoughts coherently

  • Develop more skill in reading 

  • Want to assume more responsibility

  • Speaking and listening vocabulary expanding at a very rapid pace 

  • Like to collect, organize, and sort things 

  • Longer attention span 

  • Learn to evaluate what they do

  • Like to know how things work

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