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Support Staff

Support Staff
Enrichment Staff
Name Role


Life Lab

Nancy Gomez

Life Lab

Rosie Gomez 

P.E. Aide (4th and 5th Grade)

Dirk Andrews

Music K - 5th

Dirk Andrews

4th and 5th Grade Band

Code Naturally Team

4th and 5th Grade

Laura Boothby


Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Monica Keller

Art 4th and 5th 


Art K-2nd

Karen Abraham

Art 3rd

Joyce Masongsong-Ray

Wow Science

Mackenzie Keller



Support Staff

Leah Seldon

Amy Cortez

Bobbie Herteman

Bonnie Scherer

Christi Maloney

Christy Borkowski

Harold Wasserstrom

Jennifer Beasley

Linda Kitchen

Maggie Carli

Mary Flynn

Nancy Caputo

Neil Boysen

Patty Fusari

Rosie Garcia

Tanya Strite

Tiffany Wilson

Traci Gulledge

Troy Strong