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FAQ for Vine Hill Elementary School

  • Why is the Scotts Valley Unified School District requiring fingerprinting?  The practice of requiring fingerprinting for volunteers is to assure that when a student leaves campus with an adult volunteer, we have completed a background check on that adult.


  • Who is required to be fingerprinted?  Any adult volunteers who are taking students off campus alone (e.g., driving students on a field trip), or are working in the classroom on a regular basis.  


  • How do I sign up for a fingerprinting appointment?  There are businesses in our area that provide fingerprinting services.  Please see the sheet provided in the packet.  It lists a few for you to use.  Prices do vary.  


  • What is the cost of fingerprinting? The cost varies depending on who is doing the fingerprinting.   Some businesses will match the $64 pricing if you say you are from Scotts Valley Unified School District.


  • Do I have to be fingerprinted every year?  No. This is a one-time requirement and the fingerprinting is good through your child’s 12th grade year.


  • If I have children at more than one school, do I need to be fingerprinted for each school?  No. You only need to be fingerprinted once for all children attending the Scotts Valley Unified School District.


  • What if a parent used to work for the district, do they need to be fingerprinted?  If the parent worked for the district, they do not need to be fingerprinted.


  • What if a parent has already been fingerprinted by another agency, do they still need to be fingerprinted?  Yes. Agencies do not share fingerprinting information for privacy reasons.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep your children safe. Please contact your school principal if you have questions.