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Attendance and Absences


Regular school attendance is important of a consistent and continuous educational program. The State of California expects students to be in school every day unless they are ill or contagious. Students and schools are sanctioned in the following ways for lack of attendance: For the student, three unexcused absences in a year, three unexcused tardies of 30 minutes or more, or a combination of the above constitutes truancy. We are required by law to notify you if your child becomes truant, and we will notify you of excessive absences and/or tardies (under 30 minutes). For the school, we receive funding only for the actual days the students are in school.


We no longer receive funding when students are out ill. Independent Study Contracts are available to students needing to be out of school for a minimum of 5 consecutive days. Schools do receive funding for completed contracts. State law requires us to track all absences and keep a record of the cause for each absence. When your child is absent, please call the school office at 438-1090 before 7:30 a.m. Leave a message stating your name, your child’s name and the name of his/her teacher, the date of the absence and the reason for the absence. If you do not call in the absence the office attempt to notify you.  If the office is unable to notify you within 3 days the absence will be changed to unexcused with no reason given.


The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation is a 501c3 NonProfit corporation with the express purpose of raising money and awareness for the four Scotts Valley schools. The foundation is led by a group of parent volunteers and has 15 directors including the four school principals, teachers, community leaders, and parents. The Foundation raises money through community events such as and our very popular Mountain Charlie Challenge Bike Ride and Christmas Tree Lot.

The foundation is investing in an endowment for the future, as well as committing funds annually to all four Scotts Valley public schools.

Volunteers Needed!!

SVEF really needs some new faces and fresh ideas. They meet one Wednesday a month in the evening, throughout the school year.  Please consider lending your expertise and enthusiasm to this important effort.

For further information you can access the SVEF website by clicking here.

After School Care


The following programs are available at Vine Hill School after school hours, The program is not affiliated with Vine Hill or the Scotts Valley Unifed School District.


The Scotts Valley Recreation Department (City of Scotts Valley) provides before and after school care, as well as Kinderkamp for kindergartners. For information and cost, call the Recreation Department at 438-3251.


There are many other programs in our community as well.  For additional suggestions you are welcome to contact the Child Care Switchboard, they can provide names of child care providers in our area. Their number is 476-8585.



Parent Information

Arrival and Dismissal


Students walking to school should use sidewalks and cross only at one of the two designated crosswalks: corner of Scotts Valley Drive and Vine Hill School Road; or Siltanen Park.


At the end of the school day students are expected to go home immediately. No supervision is provided on the school playground after school. Students not picked up by 2:55pm will go to the office and parents will be contacted.

If you need to pick up your child before school is dismissed, please come to the office and sign out your child. Your child will be called to meet you at the office.

For safety reasons, there is only one designated and supervised area for student pick up:

  1. The school parking lot

Vine Hill School Parking Lot Procedures for Safety and Efficiency and

Amphitheater / Siltanen Park Procedures

For the safety of students and drivers and for efficiency in the school parking lot, please honor the following procedures for the drop off and pick up of students:

  • Pull as far forward as possible before loading or unloading.

  • Have children ready to exit the vehicle before entering the parking lot.

  • Once entering the parking lot, stay with the path of the arrows – do not back out of the parking lot or drive over the cement dividers.

  • Stay with the flow of traffic on the red curb and in the through lane.

  • Load and unload students at the curb only in the “cone” zone, or park in a designated space and walk your child through the lot.  Students may NOT walk through the parking lot (to or from cars) without being accompanied by their parents.

  • After loading or unloading  move out into the through lane and proceed to the exit.

  • Do not block vehicles, cut in front of vehicles, or double-park to load or unload.  Please drive slowly.

  • Cars may not be left unattended along the red curb.  Park only in designated parking spaces if you need to leave your vehicle.

  • Kindergarten parents who want to walk their students to the classroom must park in a designated parking space or park down at Siltanen Park and walk up.

  • For 2:40 dismissal, please do not enter the parking lot until that time.  It is important that parents be able to get to the curb to pick up students dismissed at 2:20.

  • Follow the directions of the volunteers and staff on duty.

  • Please remember – no dogs on campus before, during, or after school – this is a city ordinance.

For the safety of students being dropped off or picked up at the Siltanen / Amphitheater area please honor the following procedures:

  • There is no supervision at the amphitheater.

  • Pull into the west driveway entrance to the parking lot at Siltanen and park before unloading students.

  • Exit through the east side (closest to Vine Hill School)  entrance.  

  • Students may not be dropped off or picked up on the street or parking lot.

  • Students are to use the crosswalk when dropped off at Siltanen and proceed to the main campus.

  • After school pick up will be at the parking lot only for 1st and 3rd Grade students.

  • 4th and 5th Grade students may walk to the amphitheater for pick up.

  • Park at Siltanen and walk on the sidewalk to meet your child at the parking lot.


Thank you for your patience in the parking lot and for your cooperation with these procedures!

Volunteers and Visitors



Please sign in at the office and get a “volunteer” badge each time you volunteer or visit the campus. Volunteers will need to have completed the required paperwork and be current before volunteerting.  As a visitor you will sometimes come in contact with confidential matters and are expected to respect the rights of both students and school personnel in holding these matters strictly confidential.  Everyone on campus MUST have a name badge on and have checked into the school front office.  If you have any questions please come to the office for clarification.


Volunteer Packet Information


Schools are reflections of their communities. You are important to the outstanding success of our program! We welcome the assistance of all parents and other school-community members. Volunteer opportunities exist in a variety of forms such as classroom assistance, library help, clerical support, Life Lab assistance, campus improvements, and PTA projects and activities. In addition volunteerism occurs through membership on school and district committees. The PTA helps coordinate volunteers through the use of the volunteer sign-up sheet sent home on the first day of school. Your time and support are investments in your child’s future.  To volunteer, please contact Maria Gauthier:


Volunteering is so IMPORTANT



The Vine Hill Crossing Guard Program is run by parent volunteers.  The crossing guard volunteers and are trained by the police. They are stationed at the corner of Vine Hill School Road and Tabor Drive and at the crosswalk at Siltanen Park. The crossing guards assist students in safely crossing the street at these two busy locations. This is not a school or district function; however, the school and district greatly appreciate this service to our students work with the police department in this activity.  If you are interested in helping please contact Maria Gauthier in the school office.


The school district has made available to parents a low-cost accident insurance policy for their children. The desirability of having such a plan can provide benefits when help is needed. All children are eligible for membership in this plan.  Applications are available in the school office.



Report cards are issued three times a year. The first report card is accompanied by a parent-teacher conference in December. Additional conferences may be held as needed. Contact your child's teacher whenever you have questions or concerns.



The Board of Trustees expects students to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes that are suitable for school activities. Shoes must be safe for running and game playing (no platform shoes or flip flops). Student's attire must not present a health or safety hazard or a distraction.


Fire drills are held monthly. There are four earthquake drills and two lockdown drills. These emergency procedures are intended to teach the children what to do in the event of disasters and campus emergencies.



Students are allowed to ride their bikes safely to and from school (State law requires helmets to be worn). Bikes must be walked onto the school grounds using the crosswalks and student walkways.


Bike racks are located alongside the kindergarten yard and P-1. School Board Policy 5430 prohibits skates/rollerblades, skateboards, etc. on school grounds anytime. However, these kinds of wheels used by students for transportation must be parked and locked at the bike racks until the end of the school day and may not be ridden on school grounds at anytime.



If your child will be out of school for 5 consecutive school days or more, an Independent Study Contract may be used for the days that your child will be out of school.  It is a "win-win" for everyone.  Vine Hill School will still receive their daily ADA,  your child will have an excused absence, and your child will not fall behind academically.


Please remember that we need sufficient time to gather the work for your child. We require a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your child's leave of absence.  If you are able to apply sooner than that it is strongly encouraged.


A contract must be signed in advance of the date the independent study begins and the work must be turned in on the date specified in the contract.  Your child's teacher will evaluate your child's work and determine whether or not they have successfully completed the contract.


If you have any questions please contact Mallorie Brooks or your child's teacher.  Forms are located in the school office.


Please notify the school promptly of any changes with your address, telephone number, place of employment, doctor, names on your emergency lists, or special health needs.  In the event your child becomes ill or needs to contact you having updated information allows us to reach you quickly.  

If your child has an accident at school, minimal first aid will be administered and parents will be notified utilizing the information on the student's emergency card online. It is important to keep this information current and on file in the school office so that we don't have to call 911.  If you need assistance updating the information please come to the school office for help.

Student safety is the concern of everyone.


A breakfast and lunch program is provided. Lunches may be purchased daily before school in the lunch room or parents may deposit money into their child’s account (see below). Teachers take the lunch count at the beginning of the day. If you know your child is going to be late and will need to order a lunch, please call our office (438-1090) before school starts. Applications for free and reduced-price lunches are available in the school office.


Purchasing Breakfast or Lunch: With our computerized Point of Sale payment system, each student has a lunch account. We encourage parents to deposit money into their child's account in advance using Doing so allows you to deposit money into your child's account, see your account balance, and check your child's purchases for the last thirty days.

Alternatively, you may pay with cash at school in the morning by dropping an envelope in the lunch room drop box.  When sending in money with check or cash, please include the student's name on the check and envelope, so it is deposited into the correct account



Lost and Found box LOST AND FOUND

Parents are urged to label all coats, sweaters, backpacks and lunch boxes. Lost items are placed in the "Lost & Found" area near the office. Please remind your child to take home all personal belongings each day. Unclaimed items are given to charity approximately the last Friday of every month.


How are students assigned to teachers and classes? The guidelines for student assignments are governed by school district policy. The goal is to have all students function in balanced, positive learning environments. To accomplish this goal there is a district-wide K-5 class placement procedure consisting of two steps: Step One is information gathering and Step Two is the actual placement procedure.



Our Parent Teacher Association actively serves the school community in a variety of ways. Human and fiscal resources support school projects and activities. We encourage everyone to join and contribute to this group. You can make a difference! Watch the school newsletter and web site for more information about PTA activities.  Check out the website at and like us on Facebook. 


SV Public Library: 420-5600 
SLV-SV Soccer: 336-3312 
SV Girls Softball: 430-9616
SV Little League:

Girl Scouts: 1-800-624-4757
Cub Scouts: 461-0347 
4-H Programs: 454-2460 
Crisis Intervention: 454-4022
County Health Services Agency (Immunizations): 454-4100 
Child Protective Services: 454-4222

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