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The Bear Society (PTA)

DOT: Daily Opportunity Time

Bear Paw Outline
AIA’s are scheduled by the principal to rotate through classrooms to support the teachers.  They can work with small groups, provide classroom management while the teachers work in small groups, provide one-on-one assistance, and even work with small groups while the teacher works with the other students providing a smaller teacher-student ratio.

Grade Level


Days of week

TK early cubs

K early bears

8:10-9:10 (60)


4th grade DOT

8:30-9:20 (50)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

2nd  grade DOT

9:20-10:10  (50)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

3rd grade DOT

10:30-11:20 (50)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

5th  grade DOT

11:30 - 12: 20 (50)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

TK late cubs

K late bears

11:30-12:30 (60)  


1st grade DOT

1:00-2:00 (60)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday